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How We Pick 6 Best Eye Creams for Sensitive Skin

As individuals w/ sensitive skin know, finding the right skincare product can be a challenging task.

This is particularly true when it comes to eye creams, as the delicate skin around the eyes is prone to irritation and inflammation.

In this article, we will explore the top six eye creams that are gentle and effective for individuals w/ sensitive skin.

These products have been carefully selected based on their ingredients, reviews, and reputation in the skincare community.

Whether you're looking to reduce puffiness, brighten dark circles, or diminish fine lines and wrinkles, these eye creams offer a safe & soothing solution for all of your skincare needs.

So, let's dive in and discover the best eye creams for sensitive skin!

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Best Overall

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Why We Consider It

This is infused w/ hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizing ingredient that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water to provide intense hydration skin, essential for maintaining its youthful appearance.

Ingredients also include licorice root extract, helps reduce appearance of dark circles & discoloration, and aloe vera, w/c soothes and calms skin.

The lightweight absorbs quickly into skin w/out leaving any greasy or sticky residue, an ideal for use under makeup or as part of daily skincare routine.

It also non-comedogenic and fragrance-free, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

This designed to provide 24-hour hydration, to keep skin looking and feeling fresh and moisturized all day long.

This is especially important for delicate skin around eyes, w/c prone to dryness and dehydration.

Why We Recommend It

CETAPHIL Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream is an excellent skincare product that can help you achieve brighter, smoother, and more hydrated under eyes.

Its unique formula, w/c is packed w/ hydrating and nourishing ingredients, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an effective, gentle eye cream and brightening eye cream.



Best for Dry Under Eye Cream

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Why We Consider It

This has ability to hydrate and nourish dry under-eye skin.

The cream contains a blend of natural oils and extracts that help restore skin's natural moisture barrier.

Olive leaf extract, for example, is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help protect skin from environmental stressors and promote healthy cell regeneration.

Cocoa Butter, a rich and nourishing ingredient helps moisturize and soften dry, flaky skin.

When combined with olive leaf extract and other natural oils, cocoa butter creates a powerful formula that deeply nourishes and revitalizes under-eye area.

This lightweight and fast-absorbing won't leave heavy or greasy residue on skin, making it an ideal choice for use under makeup or during the day.

Also fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, making it safe for use on even most sensitive skin types.

Why We Recommend It

Mario Badescu Olive Eye Cream is an excellent choice for those w/ dry and sensitive skin who are looking for a nourishing and hydrating under-eye cream.

With its blend of natural oils & extracts, this cream helps restore skin's moisture barrier, soften dry, flaky skin, and protect against environmental stressors.

Lightweight, fast-absorbing, and hypoallergenic, it is a great addition to any skincare routine.



Best Calming Eye Cream

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Why We Consider It

With Aloe and Rice Milk this product promises to soothe and nourish delicate skin around eyes, particularly for those w/ sensitive skin.

This is a popular choice among people who want to reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness while keeping their skin healthy and hydrated.

The product claims to provide 24-hour moisture to skin around eyes, and many users have reported seeing a noticeable improvement in appearance of their under-eye area after using it regularly.

It helps reduce puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles, and it leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

This also free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic preservatives, making it great choice who prefer natural & organic skincare products.

It is cruelty-free and never tested on animals, another reason why many people choose to use this product.

Why We Recommend It

Burt's Bees Sensitive Solutions Calming Eye Cream with aloe and rice milk is an excellent choice for people who want to keep delicate skin around their eyes healthy and hydrated.

Its natural ingredients and gentle formula make it suitable for people w/ sensitive skin, and its effectiveness in reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles has made it a popular choice among users.



Best Moisture Repair Eye Cream

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Why We Consider It

The unique formulation of includes blend of ceramides, natural lipids help to strengthen skin's protective barrier.

This barrier helps keep moisture and prevents dryness, an essential for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

This also contains panthenol, helps to soothe and hydrate skin. Panthenol is a form of vitamin B5 known to improve skin's texture and appearance.

It is often used in skincare products to help reduce inflammation and redness.

Also formulated w/ allantoin, helps to soothe and heal skin.

Allantoin is known for its ability to promote cell regeneration, help to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This eye cream is specifically designed for dry, sensitive skin, it means free from harsh chemicals and fragrances that can cause irritation.

Its pH balanced formulation ensures that it is gentle enough to use on even the most delicate skin.

Why We Recommend It

Curel Eye Cream is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a gentle, effective under-eye cream that help repair and moisturize dry, sensitive skin.

Its unique blend of natural ingredients provides intense hydration while soothing and protecting skin.

If you're looking for hydrating eye cream that can help to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing gentle, effective hydration, this is definitely worth trying.



Best 5 in 1 Eye Cream

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Why We Consider It

A multi-action, anti-aging eye cream that is designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness around eyes.

The product is formulated w/ combination of powerful ingredients to hydrate, firm, and brighten the delicate skin around eyes.

The cream is suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin, as it is formulated w/out parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

The gentle formula is also free from fragrance, making it ideal for those w/ sensitive skin.

The results of using this can be seen in as little as four weeks, w/ a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

The cream also helps to improve overall texture and tone of the skin around eyes, leaving it looking smoother, firmer, & more youthful.

Why We Recommend It

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Eye Cream is a great choice for anyone looking to improve appearance of delicate skin around the eyes.

With its gentle yet effective formula, the product is suitable for all skin types, making it a versatile addition to any skincare routine.



Best for Face and Eye Cream

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Why We Consider It

This product use organic ingredients. The USDA certification ensures that the ingredients used are grown w/out use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

This is a great choice for those w/ sensitive skin or those who prefer to use all-natural products.

The inclusion of honey, beeswax, and extra-virgin olive oil provides a host of benefits for skin. Honey is a natural humectant, helps to draw moisture into the skin and keep it hydrated.

Beeswax forms protective barrier on skin, helping to lock in moisture & protect against environmental stressors.

Extra-virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, help reduce signs of aging and improve skin texture.

Best things about this is that it is unscented, making it great choice for those who are sensitive to fragrance or prefer use fragrance-free products.

The cream has a rich, luxurious texture that is easily absorbed into skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, & hydrated.

Why We Recommend It

Honey Girl Organics eye cream is a great choice for anyone looking for an organic, all-natural moisturizer and under-eye cream.

With its blend of hydrating honey, beeswax, and extra-virgin olive oil, this cream provides gentle yet effective nourishment to the delicate skin around the eyes and face.

Whether you are looking to address specific skincare concerns or simply want to keep smooth skin healthy and hydrated, this cream is definitely worth considering.

FAQ's about Eye Creams for Sensitive Skin

1. What helps soothe sensitive eye skin?

Here are some tips that can help:

  • Use gentle products: Look for fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating products that are specifically formulated for the sensitive skin around the eyes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes: Rubbing your eyes can cause irritation and redness, and can also lead to premature wrinkles. Instead, use a soft cotton pad or a clean finger to gently apply products.
  • Moisturize: Keeping the skin around your eyes moisturized can help to prevent dryness and irritation. Look for an eye cream that contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, or cucumber.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun: Exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the delicate skin around your eyes, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. Wear sunglasses with UV protection and apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 30.
  • Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep can cause dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, making them more sensitive. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Watch your diet: Eating a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can help to nourish your skin from the inside out. Foods like leafy greens, berries, and fish can be particularly beneficial.

2. Why do my eyes burn when I apply moisturizer?

Several reasons why your eyes may burn when you apply moisturizer. Here are some of the most common:

  • Chemical irritation: Chemicals include fragrances, preservatives, & other additives & when contact w/ eyes, it can cause burning, stinging, & even redness.
  • Allergic reaction: People may have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in moisturizers.
  • Improper application: When applying moisturizer around eyes, you may accidentally get some in your eyes, which can cause temporary burning or stinging sensations.
  • Underlying eye condition: In rare cases, burning eyes when applying moisturizer can be a symptom of an underlying eye condition, such as dry eye syndrome or an eye infection.

3. What to avoid with sensitive eyes?

If you have sensitive eyes, there are several things you should avoid to prevent irritation, discomfort, & other eye problems. Here are some of them:

  • Harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals around your eyes, including harsh soaps, shampoos, and makeup removers. These can cause irritation and dryness.
  • Fragrances: Avoid using fragranced products around your eyes, as they can cause irritation and allergic reactions.
  • UV radiation: Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses or a hat with a brim. UV radiation can cause eye irritation and other eye problems.
  • Dust and debris: Try to avoid exposing your eyes to dust and debris by wearing protective eyewear when doing activities like woodworking, gardening, or cleaning.
  • Contact lenses: If you wear contact lenses, make sure to clean and disinfect them properly. Also, avoid wearing them for too long or sleeping in them, as this can cause eye irritation and other problems.
  • Rubbing your eyes: Avoid rubbing your eyes, as this can cause irritation and lead to infection.

Poor nutrition: A poor diet lacking in essential nutrients can affect your eye health.

Therefore, try to eat a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, A, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients such as green tea.

4. Should we apply sunscreen under eyes?

Yes, it is important to apply sunscreen under eyes, as skin in this area is particularly thin & delicate, therefore more susceptible to damage from sun's harmful UV rays.

However, it is important to choose sunscreen specifically designed for delicate skin around eyes, as some sunscreens may cause irritation or stinging if they come into contact w/ the eyes.

Look for a sunscreen that is labeled "ophthalmologist-tested" or "eye-safe" to ensure that it is safe for use around eyes.

5. What vitamin deficiency causes eye sensitivity?

Vitamin A, crucial for maintaining health of cornea. A deficiency in Vitamin A can lead to condition called "night blindness," where eyes are unable to adjust to low-light conditions, and may also cause sensitivity to bright light.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), involved in maintaining healthy eyes and preventing cataracts. A deficiency in Vitamin B2 can also cause sensitivity to light.

Vitamin E, an antioxidant, known to play role in protecting eyes from damage caused by oxidative stress.

A deficiency in Vitamin E can lead to condition called retinopathy, can cause sensitivity to light, as well as other vision problems.

6. Do you put eye cream on before or after sunscreen?

It is generally recommended to apply sunscreen as the last step in skincare routine, after applying all other skincare products.

Therefore, if you are using both eye cream and sunscreen, it is recommended to apply eye cream first, and then apply sunscreen over it.

7. Is sensitive eyes a symptom of anxiety?

Sensitive eyes, or eyes that are easily irritated or easily fatigued, are not a direct symptom of anxiety.

However, anxiety can indirectly contribute to eye sensitivity in a few ways.

8. What is the best light for sensitive eyes?

The best type of light for sensitive eyes can vary depending on the individual and their specific sensitivities.

However, in general, softer and warmer light is often more comfortable for sensitive eyes.

Here are some types of lights that may be helpful:

  • Warm white LED lights: These emit a soft, warm light that can be soothing to sensitive eyes.
  • Incandescent lights: These emit a warm, yellow light that is often more comfortable for sensitive eyes than bright white light.
  • Dimmer switches: Using a dimmer switch to lower the intensity of the light can also be helpful for those with sensitive eyes.
  • Natural light: If possible, using natural light from windows or skylights can be ideal for those with sensitive eyes.
  • Salt lamps: These emit a warm, soothing glow that can be beneficial for sensitive eyes.

9. How can I make my sensitive eyes less sensitive?

Sensitive eyes can be caused by a variety of factors, such as allergies, dryness, or light sensitivity. Here are some tips that may help alleviate your sensitivity:

  • Wear sunglasses: When you're outside, wear sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. This can help shield your eyes from the sun and reduce light sensitivity.
  • Take breaks: If you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen or other electronic devices, take regular breaks to rest your eyes. Every 20 minutes, look away from the screen and focus on something in the distance for at least 20 seconds.
  • Keep your eyes hydrated: Dry eyes can be a cause of sensitivity. Try using eye drops or artificial tears to keep your eyes hydrated.
  • Avoid irritants: If you have allergies, avoid exposure to things that trigger your symptoms, such as pet dander, pollen, or dust. This can help reduce irritation in your eyes.
  • Manage stress: Stress can exacerbate eye sensitivity. Practice stress-reducing techniques, such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises.
  • Consult an eye doctor: If your eye sensitivity persists, consult an eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. They can determine if there are any underlying conditions causing your sensitivity and recommend appropriate treatments.

10. Do eyes get more sensitive to light with age?

Yes, it is common for eyes to become more sensitive to light as we age. As we get older, the lenses in eyes become less flexible, and the pupils become smaller and less responsive to changes in light.

This can lead to a decreased ability to adjust to changes in light levels, and a greater sensitivity to bright light.

Which Eye Creams for Sensitive Skin Best for You?

When selecting an eye cream for sensitive skin, it is crucial to pay attention to the ingredients list and avoid harsh chemicals that can irritate skin.

Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamide are beneficial for sensitive skin and can provide hydration and nourishment to the delicate eye area.

In conclusion, finding the right eye creams for sensitive skin tone requires careful consideration of the ingredients and specific concerns.

With the numerous options available, there is an eye cream out there that will suit your needs and provide necessary hydration and nourishment for delicate eye area.

So what are you waiting for? Get Your Hands on This Amazing Product Now! Happy Shopping!