Vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide has long been a star component in skincare products for the face because of its potent anti-aging properties, brightening effect on skin tone, and improved pore appearance.

These advantages are extended to the full body by niacinamide body lotion.

It guarantees moisturized, smooth, and radiant skin and provides a complete skincare solution.

Extended Care

Skincare enthusiasts are realizing that care shouldn't stop at the face. This lotion addresses issues like dryness, uneven skin tone, and textural irregularities on the body.

Ingredient Popularity

Niacinamide has been a hot topic in skincare discussions. Extending its benefits to body care products is a natural evolution that people are excited about.

Year-Round Utility

Whether it's winter dryness or summer sun exposure, this lotion offers year-round benefits, making it a versatile addition to any skincare routine.


Niacinamide is often recommended by skincare professionals, adding a layer of credibility and trust to products containing this ingredient.

Social Proof

Beauty bloggers, influencers, and skincare enthusiasts are sharing their positive experiences with Niacinamide Body Lotion, propelling its popularity further.

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Firming Lotion with 5 Peptides, 2.5% Niacinamide, Vitamin C/E + Omega 6/9. Dermatologist-Tested. Non-Comedogenic.


Why We Consider It

A fast-absorbing multi-vitamin replenishing treatment for the skin with Niacinamide, Peptides, Vitamins and Omegas to moisturize, replenish and strengthen the skin.

Clinically proven ingredients like plant oils naturally rich in Vitamins C-E and Omegas 6-9 replenish the skin. 2 Peptides help firm the skin.

Niacinamide helps strengthen skin's protective barrier.

A hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free.

No Silicones. No Parabens. No PEGs. Cruelty-Free. Leaping Bunny Certified. Certified Vegan.

Why We Recommend It

Customers say they like the performance, moisturizing, light, and quality of the skin moisturizer.

This truly works fantastic, leaves skin soft, and is a wonderful moisturizer for very dry skin.

Appreciate the light texture and how it absorbs into the skin and it feels good.

Overall, customers recommend this product for its great performance, light texture, and high quality.



Body Lotion for Women, Age Defying & Hydrating Dry Skin with Niacinamide


Why We Consider It

Penetrates skin's surface to lock in moisture for visibly smooth and resilient skin and helps reduce signs of aging.

Absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving a greasy residue behind-just a light fresh scent.

With Niacinamide, this fast-absorbing formula is crafted by Olay skin experts with skin-quenching ingredients made for all skin types.

Vitamin B3 hydrates your skin allowing it to retain its own moisture-think of it as the ultimate skin-improving ingredient.

Why We Recommend It

Customers say they like the quality, value, smell and moisturizing of the skin moisturizer.

They say that it's one of the best lotions they have ever use, it' s perfect for the price and that it provides great moisture, and is a decent quality product.



Niacinamide Smoothing Body Lotion - AHA, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Smooth, Glowy skin, Mild exfoliation


Why We Consider It

Niacinamide ingredient that helps to improve skin tone and strengthen the skin barrier.

Contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and bring fast moisture.

Glows up the skin tone, body lotion that provides a way to manage skin shade. Helps to prevent pigmentation with vitamin C.

Easy and smooth management of rough skin. "AHA" ingredient that assists with removing dead skin cells.

Easily absorbed texture that leaves no sticky or stuffy feeling.

Why We Recommend It

We recommended this if you are looking for:

  • Product with high contents of niacinamide
  • For over dull and darkened skin caused by pigmentation
  • If you are worried about rough and uneven skin texture
  • If you are looking a moisturizer product with easy absorption with no trace of sticky feeling
  • If you want a body lotion with fragrance free



Radiant X Even Tone Nourishing Body Lotion With 1% Niacinamide, Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, & Peptides


Why We Consider It

Non-greasy and fast-absorbing body lotion is formulated with 1% niacinamide, clinically proven to visibly reduce dark spots and even skin tone in just 14 days.

Vaseline Radiant X even tone nourishing body lotion contains 1% niacinamide, coconut oil, vitamin C, peptides, and ultra-hydrating lipids that fortify the skin barrier.

Co-created with dermatologists, it restores skin's natural radiance.

With a 72hr moisture range, it is free of parabens, phthalates, and is non-comedogenic.

To use, apply and massage the lotion liberally into your skin daily for best results.

Why We Recommend It

Vaseline is such a big, well-known trusted brand.

Love that it isn’t just a regular body lotion, but has amazing and beneficial added ingredients such as Niacinamide, Coconut Oil, Vitamin C, & Peptides.

This lotion absorbs SO easily!! A little goes a long way. Leaves skin feeling silky, smooth and oh so hydrated - especially during these colder months!!

Definitely recommend and definitely will be ordering again once I run out, customer say!



Kojic Acid Lotion Natural Skin Clarifying for Face & Body with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Shea Butter, Licorice & Green Tea for Complexion Revitalization, Women & Men


Why We Consider It

Nasola Kojic Acid Lotion is a safe, gentle, and effective way to diminish sun-induced marks, blemishes, and other complexion inconsistencies, revealing a radiant and luminous skin.

Infused with Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Shea Butter, Licorice, and Green Tea.

These naturally occurring and plant-based ingredients help rejuvenate and reduce the visibility of dark marks and blemishes as a result of sun or environment damage.

This gentle, safe, natural moisturizer and Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil infused body lotion revitalizes and refines the skin for a radiant complexion.

Why We Recommend It

Get a healthy glow! This effective skin lotion reduces the visibility of complexion inconsistencies (including age spots), acne scars, blemishes, and other skin imperfections.

Many users notice a radiant complexion in a matter of a few weeks.

The combination of Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Shea Butter, and Licorice work together to provide optimal results.

FAQ's about Niacinamide Body Lotions

1. What is niacinamide, and why is it used in body lotions?

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a versatile ingredient known for its skin-soothing and skin-restoring properties.

It's used in body lotions to help improve the overall texture, hydration, and appearance of the skin.

2. Who can benefit from using niacinamide body lotions?

Individuals with various skin concerns such as dryness, dullness, fine lines, or uneven skin tone can benefit from using niacinamide body lotions.

It's generally suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.

3. Can niacinamide body lotions be used on the face as well?

Some niacinamide body lotions might be suitable for use on the face, but it's recommended to use products specifically formulated for facial skin, as body lotions might contain ingredients not ideal for facial use.

4. Do niacinamide body lotions help in reducing body acne?

Niacinamide's anti-inflammatory properties can potentially help in reducing inflammation associated with body acne.

However, specific treatments for body acne may be more effective.

5. How often should niacinamide body lotion be applied?

It's recommended to use niacinamide body lotions daily, ideally after showering or bathing, to lock in moisture and reap the full benefits.

6. Can niacinamide body lotions help with hyperpigmentation?

Niacinamide has shown potential in helping to fade hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone over time when used consistently.

7. Are there any side effects associated with niacinamide body lotions?

Niacinamide is generally considered safe and well-tolerated.

However, in rare cases, it might cause mild irritation or redness. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

8. Can niacinamide body lotions be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Niacinamide is considered safe for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

However, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using any skincare products during these periods.

9. How long does it take to see results from using niacinamide body lotions?

Visible results may vary, but consistent use of niacinamide body lotions may show improvement in skin texture and appearance within a few weeks to a few months.

10. Are there specific skin concerns that niacinamide body lotions may not address?

While niacinamide offers various benefits, it may not be a targeted treatment for certain specific skin issues like severe eczema or psoriasis.

Which Niacinamide Body Lotions for You?

Niacinamide body lotions offer a versatile range of benefits for various skin concerns, making them a valuable addition to a skincare routine.

Choosing the right niacinamide body lotion depends on individual skin needs.

For those dealing with rough or bumpy skin texture, formulations that combine niacinamide with exfoliating ingredients like AHAs or salicylic acid could be beneficial.

Individuals with dry or sensitive skin may prefer lotions containing niacinamide along with hydrating agents like ceramides, shea butter, or colloidal oatmeal for added moisture and soothing effects.

Moreover, individuals prone to specific skin conditions like keratosis pilaris or eczema can benefit from niacinamide body lotions tailored to address those concerns, providing relief and improvement in skin texture over time.

When choosing a niacinamide body lotion, considering factors such as skin type, specific concerns, formulation ingredients, and personal preferences is crucial.

Patch-testing new products and seeking recommendations from a dermatologist can help in finding the most suitable niacinamide body lotion to address individual skincare needs effectively.

Ultimately, incorporating a niacinamide body lotion into a skincare regimen can contribute to achieving smoother, hydrated, and healthier-looking skin on the body, offering both cosmetic and functional benefits for overall skin wellness.

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